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BEAUTY IS LIFE 9r color choosing system

Beatrix Isabel Lied is inventor and originator of her 9r color choosing system.
The BEAUTY IS LIFE 9r color choosing system covers all existing pigmentation types regarding tone value – light, medium, dark – and color temperature – warm, warm-cold, cold. Beatrix Isabel Lied consequently names the nine color types:

light-warm, light-warm-cold, light-cod; medium-warm, medium-warm-cold, medium-cold; dark-warm, dark-warm-cold, dark-cold.

The illustration of the 9r color choosing system follows this structure and makes it easy to identify your own color type according to hair color, eyebrow color, eye color and skin tone.

2008 Beatrix Isabel Lied won the award "The Golden Mask" for her innovative idea the 9r color choosing system.